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6-7-8 May 2022


Exhibitors' Testimonials - Bio Festival 2019

The organization of the festival, the quality of the visitors and the commercial agreements, dominated the statements of the exhibitors of Bio Festival 2019.

Our impressions are excellent, the event seems to have been very successful; we have a notable turnout and numerous exhibitors. We have several visitors interested in B2B collaborations and most are from places outside Athens. And that was a success of Bio Festival. We will undoubtedly participate in the next festival.
Ioannis Delikaris | Director General, Organic Village
Our impressions of the first Bio Festival are very positive. The organizers have put very serious effort to this task. Already from the very first day we had a great number of consumers and commercial visitors. We concluded commercial agreements with new retail stores that want to get into the field of organic products. And the sales to the consumer audience that visited us were very good. 70-80% that came by our stand bought a product; this is something we were not used to in other exhibitions. It is certain that we will come back for the second Bio Festival.
Ioannis Kirpitsas | Owner, Beauty Life
It was a very successful exhibition. We had several B2B meetings with new customers. We will definitely participate in the 2nd Bio Festival.
Μaria Michailidou | Food Technologist GALITEL SA
The impressions from Bio Festival are positive. There is a sizeable turnout. This great turnout has been highly satisfactory for us; we will be here next year.
Eftichios Karadimos | President of the Association of Attica Organic Farmers Markets
We are very happy to be here. I think it will become a common place for all those who are interested in organic products. Bio School played an important role because I think consumers and professionals alike need more information than those currently available. Organic product certifications, which are the business scope of the DIO, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products, add value to the products, and here the consumer can be informed and the professional can find the way to certify his/her product in order to give it a greater value. I believe that this festival should become an institution. I also find the place quite suitable. I want for it to grow bigger and bigger every year, not only in food but also in cosmetic products.
Argyro Triantafyllou | Agricultural Engineer - Head of Regional Office of DIO
It is very important that this event takes place so that people can get to know the producers, the certifying bodies and generally the whole industry responsible for the production of organic products. Certification companies are the independent third party that comes to verify their reliability, therefore they must be present in such festivals and that’s why we are here.
Dimitris Grammatis | Agronomist - Head of the North Aegean Branch and Head of Organic Products Department of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS
Bio Festival is a very nice festival with nice entries. We have concluded commercial agreements and we are also satisfied with retail sales. Keep Cup has the name recognition we expected and I see that consumers are very interested to buy it. We will definitely be at the next Bio Festival.
Giorgos Sfakianopoulos | Owner, Yoki Eco Attitude
Bio Festival is a very innovative event. This is its first step. I believe that in the next five years the promotion of healthy living will play an important role. I'm very satisfied that FORUM SA kept pace with that, resulting in the strengthening of this institution. The encouraging thing is that the consumers, as well as the B2Cs and B2Bs, that visit are now informed and their wants focus on diversification; innovation in healthy living, in the natural product. We will come again next year.
Konstantinos Agadakis | Sales Manager, Barista Pro
My impressions from Bio Festival are very positive. Despite being the first time, there was considerable activity. The turnout of people was very positive. We had visitors of different ages and expectations, most of them mainly targeted at organic products (bio). The people’s response to the seminars was also positive.
Panagiotis Nikas | Business Development Manager of Coffee Expert
Great turnout, by a diverse audience with various interests both as professionals and as consumers. We are very impressed. Certification plays a very important role, it adds value to products. And Bio festival helps because it gives people the opportunity to get information on a variety of topics, one of which is certification.
Maria Chatzidaki | Director-General, Iris - Organic Products' Certification Body
The 1st Bio Festival is incredible, I love it; there are so many people, kind and eager to get to know the products of all exhibitors. We had several B2B meetings and met with new customers that want us to become their suppliers. It would be great pleasure for us to come back next year.
Maria Michailidou | Food Technologist, Galitel SA
I'm behind the stand of Bio Art and work for Plan Vita company; we have raw savory and sweet products. I’m at my first steps, after Master Chef. My impressions are very good, people are interested in organic products and meals.
Thanos Spanos | Chef Plan Vita
My impression of the first Bio Festival is very good. It's an excellent event and everything goes so well. Organic products are a growing trend and we can now see that people are responding. We go really well, we have brought two vans, one with food and the other with beverages and coffee and thank God the response is great. We are very pleased and we will surely be here next year.
Nikos Gaitanos | Chef Healthy Bites

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