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6-7-8 May 2023


What is Eco Living?

The whole philosophy of eco living can be summarized in the phrase “it protects the planet, supports the other species and assures the future of human life”.

The ecological lifestyle protects and preserves the planet’s environment by recognizing the uniqueness of different ecosystems and species. Each biotope sustains many forms of life.

Human activity threatens biotopes all around the world as we change the planet to our own measures, promoting the uniqueness of our species to the detriment of all others. This creates a serious burden for the environment. In addition, climate change may very likely endanger the more sensitive ecosystems, which will not be able to adapt as the temperature of the planet rises.

It is said that everyone leaves an ecological footprint, which represents the result of our activities on the planet. The greater the environmental damage caused by our activities, the larger the ecological footprint will be and future generations will be called upon to deal with.

Therefore, to prevent a devastating development for our own species, more and more people are turning to the culture of eco living. They are thus able to upgrade the quality of their own lives, as well as those of their children.

Recycling, renewable energy, respect for nature are simple steps that we can introduce in our everyday life to make a difference.

Through BIO FESTIVAL, we aspire to introduce you to this philosophy and make it a way of life for all of us.

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