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6-7-8 May 2023


Workshops and Seminars

Seminars aimed to inform and educate

During the festival, as part of the Workshops & Seminars, a series of presentations were made by experts on the field of organic and vegan products and eco living.

The Bio Festival, aiming to offer professionals and consumers who visit it the opportunity to be informed about developments in the industry, to meet new products, to get advice from experts, formulated a rich and quite interesting program of seminars. Workshops & Seminars took place in room D10 and the use of a mask was mandatory.

Post show – Sunday 8th May

The seminars played for one more day an important role in the consolidation of bio culture in the general public, as well as in the further training of professionals, around the developments of the industry and the challenges faced by the specific market. At the beginning of the day, Professor of Panteion University Anastasia Psiridou, referred to the fact that our food choices affect not only our health, but also the environment, that the way we produce and consume food today is directly related to the loss of biodiversity, the climate crisis and concluded that adopting a planet-friendly diet could reduce global carbon dioxide-related emissions of food, wildlife loss, land use for cultivation and premature death.

Along the way, Ioannis Pettas, Chief Inspector of Organic Products and Management Systems of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, during his presentation made an introduction to the concepts of organic agriculture and mentioned the points that a farm owner should pay attention to in order to cultivate organically production (on an amateur scale or through certified procedures).

Bio Festival 2022

Mary Manolelli

BioFestival 2022

Ioannis Pettas

Vegan Times CEO Mary Manolelli spoke about greenwashing, a technique of deceiving consumers through misleading information about how a company’s products are more environmentally friendly, healthy or sustainable, with the ultimate goal of promoting the company positively, culminating in means increasing its sales and the ways a business can avoid it or a consumer can recognize it. Then Christodoulou Dimitra Dietitian – Nutritionist of Erikos Dinan Hospital & the Dietetic Office Threpsis referred to the fact that lean proteins lead to a reduction in cholesterol and thus to the reduction of stress.

Finally, Ino Hartsa, Chief Inspector of Organic Products of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas described the current situation of livestock in Greece in terms of the adequacy of livestock / beekeeping products. He also referred to the basic criterion of the transition of a livestock unit to organic production, stressed the abundance of certified organic products of animal origin in the domestic market and finally presented examples of product labels with guidance on the points that the consumer needs to check when choosing a certified organic product of animal origin. Mrs. Pinelopi Karabela, Editor-in-Chief of A-Z Magazine, coordinated the workshops & seminars.

Post show – Saturday 7th May

For the 2nd day, the Workshops & Seminars included a rich topic for new data in the field of organic and vegan products. At the beginning of the day, Nonika Baka, Director of Regulatory Compliance Services & Head of Tourism Services Certification Department of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas talked about the “Integrated Waste Management Framework” which is a comprehensive Certification Scheme aimed at highlighting the responsibility, social awareness and sensitivity, as well as the business ethics that govern each company that defines and takes actions related to the development of constantly evaluated methods of reducing food waste.

The next hour the bee and the superfoods it offered were at the center of the speeches that followed. After a brief introduction by the beekeeper Christina Sakarikou, George Athanasiadis, Organic Beekeeper, analyzed in detail the exceptional benefits of the bee to the ecosystem, while in the course Stella Valourdou, Dietitian-Nutritionist, Graduate MS student talked about the great nutritional value offered by bee products to the many basic functions of the human body. Next, Elpida Galanopoulou, representative of the Hellenic Coeliac Society, referred to how a person can understand that he is sensitive to gluten and what he can do to deal with it and what changes he should make in his diet. Mrs. Pinelopi Karabela, Editor-in-Chief of A-Z Magazine, coordinated the workshops & seminars.


George Athanasiadis, Stella Valourdou, Christina Sakarikou


Ilia Alexiadis

During the process, Dimitris Grammatis, Director of the North Aegean Branch and Head of the Organic Products Certification Department of TUV AUSTRIA, stated that the certified organic products have a special mark, for the receipt of which all organic farmers and related companies in the sector are thoroughly checked at least once a year from certified companies. The day ended with the presentation of Nutritionist Ilia Alexiadis who developed the issue of the importance of protein in our diet.

Post show – Friday 6th May

Visitors had the opportunity today to attend very interesting speeches. The opening speech was given by Markus Reetz, Executive Director International Exhibitions of the NürnbergMesse group and General Manager of the BIOFACH exhibition, who presented a very interesting research on the global trends in the retail trade of organic products. During his presentation he reviewed the development of the industry from 1990 until today, he referred to the fact that the pandemic led to an increase in demand for these products from consumers and therefore to an increase in production, he also referred to the fact that most retail companies in Germany follow the trend of organic and finally closed with the assumption that worldwide the shift of consumers to this market is shaping new business models and needs.

Bio Festival - Workshops and Seminars

Markus Reetz

Bio Festival Workshops & Seminars

Penelope Karabela, Machi Dimakidou, Niki Hagia

Then the vegan blogger Niki Haya aka Lady Papaya and the biologist, pastry chef and owner of Pastry Shop Little Darling Machi Dimakidou referred to the problems faced by a family that wants to raise their children exclusively with vegan diet but also talked about the benefits that these children can get. Konstantinos Karakatsanis, Gelatiere at Django referred to the “ethics” behind vegan food while Pastry chef Vassilis Kagias analyzed the basic principles of vegan confectionery for home cooks and professionals who want to integrate vegan sweets in their businesses. Finally, Niki Martimianaki, Clinical Nutritionist specializing in vegan diet mentioned the benefits and possible pitfalls of a 100% vegan diet. Mrs. Pinelopi Karabela, Editor-in-Chief of A-Z Magazine, coordinated the workshops & seminars.

Bio Festival 2022

Konstantinos Karakatsanis, Penelope Karabela

BioFestival Workshops Seminars

Vassilis Kagias

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