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6-7-8 May 2022


Live Cooking Shows

Organic cooking

An open air kitchen, experienced and distinguished chefs, and most of all, an unlimited appetite for new ideas… 2nd Bio Festival’s live cooking shows will once again steal the show.

The open air kitchen that had been set up in the center of Technopolis stole the show during the 1st Bio Festival. The interactive gastronomic art demonstrations that featured organic and natural products fascinated the audience who enjoyed every minute of it. And because successful recipes catch on, this open air kitchen will also be given a prominent place at the 2nd festival on May 6-8, 2022.

Left: Dina Nikolaou with Jean Marie Hoffmann, Right: Eva Monochari

Renowned and experienced chefs will cook with the exhibitors’ products, aiming to demonstrate through these live cooking shows the high quality and nutritional value of the organic and natural products. The goal of the chefs will be to suggest, through their presentations, dishes and recipes that the professional chefs who will attend these seminars will be able to add to their own cuisine, and draw ideas and suggestions on how to use organic products in an original way. Also, through this unique gastronomic experience, the chefs will share their knowledge with the consumers on how they can creatively integrate organic and natural products in their daily diet.

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