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8-9-10 May 2020


Live cooking shows

Organic cooking that won the audience over

The open air kitchen was set up, renowned chefs attended and a three-day festival passed off full of unique flavors and aromas from the organic and natural foods cooked at the live cooking shows.

At a specially designed space, throughout the three days of the festival, live cooking shows were held that impressed the public and aimed at sharing knowledge and ideas with professionals as well as consumers. Thus the renowned chef Ntina Nikolaou, who also served as the ambassador of Bio Festival, led the live cooking shows, which were attended by other important chefs and food bloggers.

The fully-equipped kitchen was set up right next to the main stage. There, under the sun of May and with people watching with utmost respect, the pots “heated up”. Organic and natural products from the exhibitors were constantly arriving to serve as arrows in the quivers of the chefs who did not stop for a moment sharing, with the large crowd of visitors, their secrets for a successful and delicious recipe.

Certainly, the attendees had the opportunity to taste the freshly cooked dishes that Ntina Nikolaou and her “cooking crew” made with so much care. A crew consisting of the head chef of the Embassy of France, Jean Marie Hoffmann, the chef of nice n easy restaurants, Nikos Maras and the food bloggers Evi Skoura (Healthy Cook), Eva Monochari (Funky Cook) and Ioanna Halmouki (Pasta Flora), famous for their healthy suggestions and support for organic food and drinks.

Left: Dina Nikolaou with Jean Marie Hoffmann, Right: Eva Monohari

Through their presentations, the renowned and experienced chefs, had as their goal to suggest dishes and recipes that professional chefs, who attended the festival and watched the live cooking shows, could add in their own kitchens or get ideas and see suggestions about how they could use organic products in an innovative manner. Also, through this unique culinary experience, the chefs shared their wisdom with consumers, who, in turn, found out how they could creatively include organic and natural products in their daily diet.

It is sure that the presenter of the festival, Dimitris Loukisas, also played an important role in the success of the Live cooking shows by coloring and setting the pulse of these cooking workshops.

Left: Dina Nikolaou with Evi Skoura, Right: Dimosthenis Loukissas with Nikos Maras

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