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6-7-8 May 2023


Children’s activities

Unique bio… experiences for the whole family! 

Bio festival 2023, the biggest celebration of eco-living in collaboration with the Industrial Gas Museum of Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, organized a series of educational activities for the whole family during the three days of the festival.

Through craft workshops and a treasure hunt, our little friends came into contact with the world of art and healthy nutrition, they discovered the importance of water by solving unique mysteries inside the first power plant in Greece and of course… they had fun!  

Action and adventure for the whole family!

Through puzzles and hidden information, using observation and speed as a weapon, young and old solved mystery stories and explored the old factory in the most entertaining way. For two whole hours, parents teamed up with their children and set out to find the hidden treasure. They dug into the hidden corners of the Industrial Gas Museum, explored its rare machines, got to know its history and above all had fun together!

A Sunday full of imagination, colors and lots of play

Another day where the children’s favorite outdoor games filled Technopolis with imagination and good mood. Families with children from 3-8 years were creatively engaged in the painting workshop organized by the Industrial Gas Museum, where they came into contact with art beyond the framework of an educational program and experimented with mixed techniques and new ways of expression. Families followed the instructions of the experts and created step by step their own unique visual constructions.

Of course, Sunday was also full of action and excitement as the Family Treasure Hunt took place again. An enjoyable adventure awaited our young and old friends!

Children’s laughter, plenty of painting & lots of gardening

From early in the morning, the little friends of the festival met at the Skywalk Courtyard of Technopolis, put on their aprons, took their brushes and paints, used all their imagination and became for a few hours little gardeners with… brushes! The children were inspired by the old gas factory and painted small ceramic pots. Then, with the help of experts, they planted colorful flowers in their pots, while they learned to be responsible for their care.

Also, children aged 5 to 10 had the opportunity on Saturday to take part in the outdoor workshop “Let’s make salad”. As part of the workshop, the children made their own fantastic recipes, mixed colors and ingredients and added healthy foods and… imagination! They painted the plates, knives and forks and served them to us.

Παιδικές δράσεις Bio Festival

Finally, the whole festival became an endless “treasure map” since families with children from 8 to 12 years old participated in a unique and unimaginably fun treasure hunt! Families with a map as their guide, in their own time, dug into its hidden corners, explored its rare machines, got to know its history and above all had fun.


Industrial Gas Museum. 2130109325, Monday – Friday 11.00-17.00

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