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6-7-8 May 2022


Bio School

Industry prospects and trends

Top speakers will be there at the Bio School to pass down their rich and useful knowledge of this rising industry.

Within the context of the Bio School, visitors -professionals and consumers alike- will have the opportunity to attend a series of interesting presentations and speeches from specialized and experienced professionals of the industry. Distinguished nutritionists, academics, journalists, chefs, business executives, and writers, will inform the attending professionals about the new trends, the developments in the industry, and answer key questions about organic products that concern and trouble the consumers.

Targeted seminars for the professionals

A series of lectures and speeches will be carried out in order for the professionals to be further trained in the developments in the industry and the challenges of the market. Ways of production, new techniques, research findings, the importance and specifications of certification, the industry’s prospects and trends are some of the issues that will be analyzed. The seminars are expected to be a pole of attraction. Through those, attendees will watch techniques and get new ideas on how to further improve their products and services, as well as ideas about their business routines, based on eco-friendly standards.

Consumer education presentations

The criteria for selecting organic products, the health benefits and the differences between organic and conventional products are some of the topics that will be analyzed in the program’s presentations, which will mostly concern the consumer public. The differences between organic and conventional products is another issue that specialists have been called to discuss and analyze. Among the other issues that will be presented during this rich program of presentations, are the criteria for selecting organic products, the ways we can include them into our diet and how our bodies benefit from eating them.

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