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6-7-8 May 2023


Bio Festival is coming to an end

Today is the 3d and last day for the great bio event of Athens and numerous professionals and consumers, gather at the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens.

Industry professionals, groups of friends and families looking for pure and high quality organic, natural and vegan products either for their business or for their home meet for the 3rd and last day today at the Bio Festival. The increasing attendance of professional visitors, proves in the best way the vote of confidence that the bio industry has shown in the most important festival for the organic products sector in Greece. For three days, Technopolis became the center of “bio culture” and leaves promises for a more hopeful tomorrow in terms of the development of the organic and natural products sector, as well as the initiation of more and more people in the culture of eco living.

3η Ημέρα Bio Festval 2022
3η Ημέρα Bio Festval 2022

In a festival atmosphere, visitors have the opportunity to discover a wide range of branded organic, natural and vegan products, while the presence of 130 major supply and production companies participating in the Bio Festival is a prime opportunity to conclude trade agreements.

As can be seen from the first statements of the exhibitors, before even the 3d and last day of the festival is over, they were very pleased with the quantity and quality of the visitors and already consider that the upcoming months for their businesses will be very productive and profitable.

3η Ημέρα Bio Festval 2022

Competitions and a dynamic ending for Workshops & Seminars

Workshops & Seminars still welcome visitors today with a rich theme. Distinguished nutritionists, academics, journalists, chefs, executives from the industry and writers, inform professionals about new trends and developments in the industry, but also answer key questions about organic products that interest consumers.

The program of the last day includes talks about nutrition that protects both the planet and human health, the production of organic products on the estate, Greenwashing, ways that nutrition can help fight stress and the organic production of livestock products and beekeeping.

You can see the detailed program here.

Also, the presenter of the festival Nafsika Mouzakidis, will give the opportunity to the public to win bio gifts, which the exhibitors offer, through questions of knowledge and will also entertain the visitors with her musical choices.

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