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6-7-8 May 2023


The 2nd day of the festival ended with absolute success

130 exhibitors welcomed today a large number of visitors to the largest festival for the culture of organic products and eco living in Greece.

Bio Festival, with a wide variety of organic, natural and vegan products from the 130 exhibitors, became for 2 days the ultimate attraction in Athens for the ‘bio’ visitors. At the end of the day, it was confirmed that it is an important trade forum and a reference point for the culture of healthy and eco living in Greece. Professionals in the industry, from every corner of Greece, had the opportunity to see up close important companies and producers, with organic, natural and vegan products, discover original ideas and proposals that dominate the industry in order to upgrade their business and improve the product they provide to the consumer, either on the shelves or in their business menu. At the same time, a very large number of consumers who had already integrated organic products into their daily lives, as well as those who wanted to be introduced for the first time to a healthier and alternative lifestyle, visited the booths of 130 exhibitors, discovered and tried a wide range of products and made their purchases and made praiseworthy comments about what they saw and lived in the ultimate celebration of organic products in Athens.


Key topics dominated the Workshops & Seminars

For the second day, the Workshops & Seminars included a rich theme for new info from the organic and vegan products industry, domestically and globally. Distinguished nutritionists, academics, chefs, pastry chefs and market executives informed professionals and consumers about new trends and developments around organic, natural and vegan products.

The program of Workshops & Seminars was also of great interest today with topics related to waste management, bees and the superfoods they offer, gluten free diet, labeling of organic products, as well as the importance of plant protein in the diet. Many of the festival visitors, managed to leave with full hands since their knowledge on organic and vegan products, helped them to answer the relevant questions of the festival presenter Nafsika Mouzakidis and win the bio gifts offered by the exhibitors! With the countdown starting for the closing of this year’s festival, so far the report brings only optimistic messages for the most successful conduct of the festival, in the post-covid era. So, Sunday’s success is upcoming!

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