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8-9-10 May 2020


2nd Bio Festival to rendezvous in May 2020

The big impact and success of the 1st Bio Festival and the already increased interest for participation in the next event have triggered the preparations for the 2nd Bio Festival.

The final curtain of the 1st Bio Festival essentially signalled the preparations for the next event. One year may seem like a long time, but the big and immediate demand for stands in the 2nd Bio Festival, combined with the organizer’s consistent strategy for even planning to the last detail, set all the wheels in motion at an early stage.


The 1st Bio Festival left a lasting impression

The city’s big celebration for organic products, with 70 exhibitors and 7,500 visitors—professionals and consumers— set a solid foundation for becoming the industry’s future key trade forum and a significant point of reference for Greece’s eco living culture. From their side, the exhibitors saw their trust to the 1st Bio Festival be rewarded, as they had the opportunity to get in touch with the industry’s executives and business owners and close direct deals, while the proceeds from selling their products to the festival’s public exceeded all expectations.


A dynamic return for the 2nd Bio Festival

The Festival’s success showed that consumers’ turn to organic and natural products isn’t just a trend, but an increasingly established world-wide reality. The 2nd Bio Festival, which is to be held May 8-10, 2020, at Technopolis in Gazi, in the city center, with the participation – according to the first indications – of even more exhibitors, with renewed organizational structures and even richer parallel events, is expected to gather a high number of professionals who want to be informed about the trends and developments in the industry, as well as thousands of consumers who want to be introduced to the eco living culture.

A meeting point for professionals and consumers

The participation of 100 exhibitors – the leading production and supply companies of the organic and natural products sector – will make the 2nd Bio Festival an important meeting point for the 10,000 professionals and consumers who are expected to visit it. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their products to professionals from every corner of Greece, and have B2B meetings with executives and business owners. At the same time, they will show their products to a large consumer audience who will be able to buy them directly from exhibitors during the festival.

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