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8-9-10 May 2020


Parents and children discovered the organic side of life

Bio festival was the venue and place where both parents and children had the opportunity to get to know organic products and eco living culture in general.

During the three days of the festival, a multitude of families “flooded” Technopolis in order to live to the fullest this unique bio experience. Young parents with babies in their arms and in strollers as well as families with older children, with their impressive turnout at the Bio festival, confirmed the fact that organic and natural products are not just a trend but they are steadily gaining more and more ground at the family table and that more and more parents introduce these foods and beverages into their children’s diet. Therefore, at the Bio Festival, parents had the opportunity to discover, at the exhibitors’ stands, a pretty wide variety of organic and natural products that they can fit into their children’s daily diet; talk to producers about the benefits of their products and find out the available options; and, at the same time, make their purchases.


Seminars dedicated to children and healthy eating

Furthermore, the parents who attended the Bio School sessions had the opportunity, through targeted seminars, to be educated on this organic-products culture and learn all they need to lay the foundations for an upgraded lifestyle and at the same time introduce their children, through this whole joyful experience of the festival, into the philosophy of eco living. In particular, many Bio School panels were devoted to children such as those discussing the beneficial effects of organic products on children’s health and body, the importance of organic honey to the nutrition of our little friends and the reasons why we should replace conventional children snacks with organic ones and snacks containing superfoods.

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