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8-9-10 May 2020


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  • A large number of attendees present in the parallel events & the live cooking shows

A large number of attendees present in the parallel events & the live cooking shows

The Bio Festival, throughout its three-day operation, hosted a series of interesting presentations and workshops, by skilled and experienced professionals of the industry, as well as many other activities that won the attendees’ attention.

The rich agenda of the seminars and the presentations that took place in Hall D7 during the Bio School was divided into two main categories addressed to professionals and consumers respectively. Distinguished nutritionists, academics, journalists, chefs, institutional actors, business executives, writers and many other specialists of the industry, undertook, with great success, to inform them responsibly about all issues related to bio, organic and natural food and beverages, as well as cosmetics; and to answer questions that had to do with the culture of eco living in general, through panels and speeches of individuals. The hall where the speeches and panels were held during all three days was constantly filled with both professionals and consumers, indicating that there is a strong willingness of the public for further learning, information and education about the industry and the market of organic and natural products, not only for food and beverages, but also for cosmetics, detergents and packaging.


In addition, the live cooking shows, where, amongst other chefs, the visitors of the festival had the opportunity to see innovative suggestions and Ntina Nikolaou; were of course a pole of attraction, winning the best reviews of their attendees. More specifically, in an open air kitchen during the three days of the festival, live cooking shows were held that impressed the public and aimed at sharing knowledge and ideas with professionals as well as consumers. Finally, the main stage of the festival offered very good music by well-known radio producers and pleasant surprises for the public. In particular, throughout the three days of the festival and at regular intervals, knowledge quizzes were held on the main stage where generous gifts, gladly offered by the festival’s exhibitors, were handed to the public.


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